Guide: How to sign up for NicoNico paid channel

This is a simple guide on how to sign up for NicoNico paid channel. The guide is valid on the time of this page is posted. I will try to update in the future if there are any changes in the future.

First of all, you have to sign up for a niconico channel. You can do so by clicking here. I don’t think you need a guide for this as the page are all in English.

How to make a payment

After you have your account ready, time to head over to the NicoNico show where you wanted to sign up. We will take an example for this guide, let’s say you wanted to sign up for TsumuLady show which is right over here. When you are on the page press the yellow button on the top menu bar.

Once you pressed the button, you will be led to the payment page. Take note NicoNico channel is 550 yen flat. (Unless they stated otherwise). Before this, NicoNico only allows credit card and payment that is valid in Japan, and for an overseas credit card, it won’t work due to some payment verification issue. But since they opened the Paypal payment options overseas viewers can finally pay for the content.

Press the big yellow button when you chose the Paypal options. And you will be lead to the Paypal page for the payment. After you made the payment you will be redirected back to the channel page. Voila, you are a proud supporter for niconico channel.

How to use NicoNico Page

Here is some simple guide to use the page. The page is pretty general and straight forward. Below are the translation and description.

  1. Video – Past achieve video or extra video that’s being uploaded by the staff. You can watch the video without any time restriction unless stated so.
  2. Live Stream – You will see the list of the future live stream and past last stream. The past live stream only valid for 7 days and you have to be a premium used to be able to watch it. Or you could just wait for the staff to upload the achieve on the first tab. (But the show might differ, so check the details).
  3. Blog Magazine – Announcement, post from the staff.
  4. Event – If there is an event like lucky draw you can find all of them here.

How to un-subscribe to the show

If by any chance, sadly you have to unsubscribe to the show that you signed up with, here are the steps.

This is the easiest way is to scroll all the way down to the page you wanted to unsubscribe, and click on the red circle button.

You have to choose between all the options on the 1 circle. The page is a feedback page and if you wanted to know the translation, please refer to below.

  • I’m sick of the content.
  • I found a better service
  • The fees is expensive.
  • The content is not interesting.
  • Others

And the middlebox you do not have to input anything unless you choose the “others” options. After you choose the options, press the number 2 button and you are done.

Please take note that you can still watch the archive and video until the end of the billing cycle. They won’t refund you the differences. And that’s all for this guide. Hope you enjoy the show that you supported!

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